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Most businesses do have some intellectual property. Learn why it is important to protect any intellectual property in your small business. Read More
Has a lack of cash forced you to reluctantly fire a valued employee? Is the word “profit” seldom uttered by your accountant? We have all been there. How do you grab control of that elusive profit and cagey cash? One strategy is to project your cash flow, Read More
Double-entry bookkeeping is the most common accounting method used by U.S. businesses and generates the most informative financial statements. For every start-up or entrepreneur who begins a business by the typical do-it-yourself mentality, this article is a great overview with simple explanations Read More
For employers who want top-notch employees, the question of what fair pay is for an employee is always a question considered. Their is a great deal of merit to a skill-based pay system, but that is not without its headaches. Read More
The basics of creating and maintaining a simple budget for small business owners may seem a bit confusing to some. Learn the basics in this informative article on creating and maintaining a budget for your small business. Read More
This article describes how small business owners can guard against identity theft in the workplace. Read More
During the recruiting process, certain information is obtained from applicants. With the Internet, organizations can now simultaneously receive a large number of applications for multiple job openings. This often leads to questions about information security and what to do with applicant data. Read More
As a small business owner myself, I was interested to read an accountant's perspective on the Bush tax cut debate. If 89% of all U.S. employees are employed by 1.2 million businesses, will increased taxes result in more unemployment and economic woes? How does the Bush tax cut debate affect small b Read More
If you ever want to apply for a business loan, you'll find that a market analysis is an important part of any business plan that you would present to a bank. This article deals with how to conduct a market analysis for your business. Read More
A writer for one of my companies wanted me to write a blog article about Labor Day and small business. It sounded harmless enough, so I listened to her ideas. Specifically, she wanted me to encourage small business owners to lend a hand and help people find jobs by:
Offering to review resum Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!