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Twitter has been lay dormant for some time now. Whilst the like of Facebook and Instagram have been rolling out more stories than any person ever needs to see on their timeline, Twitter has stuck to its its roots. They are still very integrated with the Periscope application and have allowed variou Read More
So what are your options when it comes to successfully expressing your brand message on social media? There are two: the DIY approach and working with an outside professional. Here's a breakdown of pro vs. cons of hiring out your social media posting: Read More
CPA professionals are realizing the potential of Twitter. Here are four reasons why all accounting firms should start using Twitter, if they aren’t already: Read More

Use Science To Avoid Bad Business Decisions

Use Science To Avoid Bad Business Decisions  - Avatar Posted by RossKimbarovsky under Management
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If you’ve recently made a bad decision (or a baker’s dozen of them), you are not alone. Not a single person is immune from making bad decisions. Humans make mistakes. In this post/video, learn the science behind decision fatigue and what you can do to avoid it (and bad decisions) in the future.

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There are many different strategies that can help minimize distractions, decrease stress, and improve focus. Not all work for everyone, which is why we wanted to explore whether there’s scientific support for some of those strategies. Here are 5 scientifically sound strategies that work. Read More
While less than one percent of IT departments even heard about Agile in 2000, Gartner and Forrester statistics indicate that 60-80 percent of software development teams now use Agile as their primary method for creating software. Read More
Net neutrality has to be one of the least sexy issues to garner massive public interest in the last few years. The concept is technical and the application thereof is complex, yet comedians at the center of national conversations, like John Oliver, were dedicating massive amounts of air time.. Read More
Site architecture is an important on-page SEO factor. If you get it right, both search engines and visitors will understand what your site is about and find the information they need easily.

So if you’re planning a new website (or reorganizing your existing one), work on its structure to improve Read More
"Inbound marketing" is one of those buzzwords gurus love to over-complicate, but you probably know more about it than you think. Read More
It is not surprising to see that 64% of CFOs aspire for the top job, i.e. aspire to become the CEO of their company. The People Puzzle survey suggests that 47% of CPAs want to become a manager or a controller. While 3 out of 10 respondents in the survey suggested they are happy with their current j Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!