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During the lifetime of a company, you may find it can be beneficial to invite another shareholder into the company. You may want to create another share without transferring any existing shares. In effect you are creating a new share of the company. Read More
Market Research is a scientific study conducted to collect necessary information for your company, allowing you to take decisions forward based on the results. Read More

How to close a Limited Company

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There are always reasons behind closing a company, whatever the reason why you are closing your Limited Company there are processes you need to follow: Read More
If your business turns over more than £81,000 (correct as of 1 April 2014) then it is compulsory that you resgiter your business for VAT and this means you will need to charge VAT on your sales. Read More
Shares ultimately tell you who own the company. Directors are in charge of the company but they may not own the company. The shareholder is the legal owner of a UK Limited Company. Read More
The Bloggers League is completely FREE to Join and gives bloggers the chance to compete against each other to be crowned the Premier League champion of Bloggers! We have 4 divisions with 3 bloggers being promoted and 3 bloggers being relegated from all divisions each month. Read More
Not sure what to do? A Limited Company can be more beneficial with tax advantages when compared to a Sole Trader

Many of our clients come to us and ask us if they should change from a sole trader status to a fully-fledged Limited Company. Our advice is that it depends on the type of business you Read More
Mail forwarding is a service that allows you to hire an address and have your mail forwarded to that mailing address. Capital Office’s mail forwarding service is like a mail box or a po box; in that you can use the City Road EC1 Central London address provided by Capital Office as your own. Read More
An annual return is a document which displays your company information. It is not a full document, and only shows a “snapshot” of your companies’ information. Do i need to send an annual return to Companies House? Read More
Your brand is the identity of your company and is how potential clients recognize who you are, but having a logo is only the beginning. There are endless possibilities with branding your brand. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!