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Klout is supposed to measure your influence online. The higher your score, the more influential you are according to Klout. However, recently, I tried an experiment with my Klout page, to show how easily manipulated this score is. Read More
If you are still part of the traditional boys club that is message focused and views marketing as the ultimate human manipulation tool, listen up, because your customers are increasingly giving you the cold shoulder and quickening their pace as they pass you by, and you're probably not even realisi Read More
When you meet someone new at a party, do you: a. Start telling them all about you whether or not they’ve asked you a question? b. Ask them questions to learn more about them? c. Ask them for a favour? d. Say hello and then walk away without saying anything more? If you answered anything but b. my g Read More
If you've ever advertised in mainstream media or thought about doing so, this post is for you! The other day, a colleague and I had a meeting with a potential client who is looking to get started with social media. We asked him how much he spent on advertising and I nearly fell off my chair when he Read More
In 2012, small business owners need to be aware of search engine optimisation more than ever. This month, Google has announced their new innovation called ‘semantic search’, which means that the search engine now is trying to understand the meaning behind your words and content. Now, more than ever Read More
Studies show that your reasons for wanting to work from home can shape the path your business takes and determine whether or not it will be a successful economic venture. People who are “pushed” into working from home are more likely to give up than people who are “pulled” towards working from home Read More
So, as a solopreneur, a woman, in a relatively small community of 175,000 with 25 years experience outside the city, I come up with a new concept for the city in the way of a Home Show kind of concept. I have complete faith in my ability to put together an amazing package that is based on faith in Read More
The other day our 30 metre long, 1.6 metre high wooden retaining wall snapped and fell over after a heavy downpour. My initial reaction was: “Oh no! How are we going to pay for that?” However, in the days since I’ve had an “aha” moment and I wanted to share it with you, because, for me, it’s change Read More
There is a reason why interviews on blogs and in the media are so compelling. They increase the “know-like-trust” factor we are so fond of talking about in marketing. Like testimonies, stories that highlight the person behind the business, reach prospects on a whole new level. People love to hear t Read More

Tips for Creating a Great Business Card

Tips for Creating a Great Business Card - Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Marketing
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Creating a business card is easy. Creating a great business card that helps you in branding and getting leads requires a little more attention to detail. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!