How to Set a Target Price for a Novelty Book

How to Set a Target Price for a Novelty Book - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Marketing
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Made Hot by: problogger78 on February 1, 2018 12:06 am
I am moving forward with the proofreading of my first book on (black) tea, so I have to start thinking a bit more about the marketing side of this self-publishing journey.

I recently got lectured (in a positive way) by one of the owners of Indiska Thé & Kaffe Magasinet (The Indian Tea & Coffee Store). She said to me: ”You have to speak up for yourself! You know stuff about tea!”

I have been interested in tea almost my whole life. I have done my so-called 10.000 hours in the field of Camellia sinensis, and I will continue to ”experiment” with this beverage in the years to come…

Should I include the time spent on tasting tea, tinkering about the tea ritual, and work with tea blends, in the basis price of the book? How do I take in account 4+ years of writing on this book project, turned into a forthcoming series of 8 books?


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