Webinar Best Practices & Benchmarks Report

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What is the best day and time to present your webinar?
What is the average webinar length?
What is the average attendance via mobile app?
Find out in this new research from the 2016 ClickMeeting Webinar Best Practices and Benchmarks Report.


Written by erenmckay
2214 days ago

There are some great takeaways in this report that businesses can apply to their webinar strategy. I love analyzing data, it saves us a lot of time and money when planning things out.

Written by ravichahar
2214 days ago

Hey Gail,

From the last couple of days, I have been noticing about the trending posts about Webinar.

People are more concerned about how they engage their readers. The timing is an influential factor.

Written by pvariel
2215 days ago

Yes, Gail, I have seen such ads on Fb and other social media. But most of the webinars I attend is via friends direct invite through email and few via G+ intimation. But the sad part is that my time zone most of the time do not cope with theirs.

But still, I try to participate in most of the webinars and make use of it even when it is an odd hour to me.

Thanks Gail for asking and sharing your experience.

I appreciate your response.

Have a good day.



Written by pvariel
2215 days ago

Hi Gail,'Great and must know information shared through this post.

The statistics reveal a lot about the future of webinars, The present trend shows that it is going to increase in this year too. Te 35% growth is really a tremendous one. The 1. 24 minutes video along with the infographic speak volume.

This is indeed a very useful share Gail.

Keep sharing.

Best regards


Written by GrowMap
2215 days ago

Thanks, Phil. Have you seen the ads about Webinars running on Facebook? I keep seeing them and thinking, "I really need to do webinars", but I just really can't make the time for them - so others need to jump on that. I can be a guest, but no time to manage it all myself.

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