Why I love website footers (and what you can put in them)

Why I love website footers (and what you can put in them) - http://martinairing.com Avatar Posted by Martina Iring under Online Marketing
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Haven’t given much thought to your small business’ website footer? Well, it’s time for a pedicure. It's not just where you stick in your legal links and then forget about it. It can be so much more! Use it for your SEO, to initiate contact and otherwise be helpful to your website visitors.


Written by lyceum
2788 days ago


You have a such nice name (my name is Martin), so I had to do a word play in a fun way! :) Have a great vacation!

It was all good for the Canucks to win. A bit strange that they were 3 refs from Canada...

Written by lyceum
2792 days ago

Martina: I was pulling your leg (with a shoe, pun intended!;) when I wrote shoe company. Footer, foot(er)... ;)

Thanks for the links, I will check them out!

How are things in BC?

Written by Martina Iring
2788 days ago

OMG, hilarious!! That went right over my head. OK, let's stop with the body parts already ;)

Anyways those shoe company footers are pretty good, haha.

Things are great here. Had a recent snowfall, so all pretty and wintery. Heading on vacay shortly to Nicaragua, which I'm super excited for!!

How are things with you? Hopefully not too bitter at us Canadians for that hockey gold? =)

Written by lyceum
2800 days ago

Martina Iring: Do you have examples of sites with informative footers? Maybe a shoe company? ;) I will try to incorporate some of your tips on my websites.

Written by Martina Iring
2792 days ago

Thanks for the comment! I was actually thinking it might be a good idea to do a follow-up post with some examples. So thanks for the feedback!

Off the top of my head I didn't know of any shoe companies, but I did a quick Google search and found a few that perhaps might help you out:

- http://www.theshoecompany.com/ (this is a very large site so a reiteration of the navigation and main website pages is helpful. They also have social profiles and contact info for customer service, which is really important for an e-commerce site.

- http://www.townshoes.com/ (these guys do something similar)

- http://www.toms.ca/ (they include an email signup as well)

Some other examples not in shoes:

- http://www.marieforleo.com/ (focus on the email signup - her main website goal)

- http://kriscarr.com/about/

- http://www.staffordstreethotyoga.com/

Hope this helps! Cheers

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2801 days ago

Website footers are quite amazing. It is an underviewed part of a website which is quite helpful.

Thank you for sharing this to us.

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2801 days ago

The website footer is one of the best places that converts well in a website. There are many things you can also put there such as an email optin form, your social media profiles and so on. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


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Share your small business tips with the community!
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