Best productivity tip, ever!!!

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One of the basic principle of David Allen‘s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology (not an affiliate link), and basic component if his method is the 2 minutes rule. 2 minute rule, says that every task can be handled in below 2 minutes should be done write away and removed from your list … and your mind.

Use the 2 minuted rules from GTD methodology in your everyday life for better productivity and results.


Written by tathan
2690 days ago

Dear Lyceum, thank you for the comment.

One possible answer to your question, and 2 "maybe" directions.

My answer to your question: You CAN'T have 2 minutes tasks all the time (unless you are superhuman, ultra focused person, with unlimited time and energy resources, etc). In normal situations, you use 2 minute rule or similar tips, to clear the fog (of everyday chores, boring tasks, etc, BEFORE become too large to handle) and then you can focus on the tasks that are really important or matter to you.

Thus 2 distinct directions.

a) You use 2 minutes rule as a habit or within your daily routine (i.e. when you see something to be done in less than 2 minutes you do it NOW, not later, and get rid of it), or

b)You don't use this kind of schemes and work as normal.

The difference between a) and b)is:

* Less time spend in unimportant things

* "Routine" chores, if organized properly (using for instance intervals of 2 minutes blocks in cleaning your desk for instance, spread during a working period, gives a more organizing desk).

* Less distractions by irrelevant tasks

* Maximization of focus on the important things,

* enhanced efficiency and productivity (by my own opinion).


I think that someone should use any scheme for a small period of time in order to see if it has results for him/her. This specific concept, though, I believe it can operate in many situations and it worth a try.

What do you think?

Written by lyceum
2690 days ago

Takis Athanassiou: Your post took longer than 2 minutes to read, so I have bookmarked for future reading! ;) I am working on developing my personalized kanban workflow productivity system called, F.I.X IT!

To ask a devil's advocate question: What will happen if you have to do 2 minute stuff all the time?!

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