5 Mistakes Web Content Writers Should Avoid

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Web content writers are always in high demand and play a very important role in online marketing. There is no dearth of jobs for online writers and projects in shape of article writing, blog writing, web content writing, newsletter writing often keep them busy. If you are new to freelance writing profession and want to get repeat businesses from your clients, avoid making some common mistakes.


Written by craigloveschloe
5123 days ago

It can be a great income for people who know what they are doing.

Written by ShawnHessinger
5124 days ago

All of these are really important points and critical to learning the craft of creating online copy. Every kind of writing requires unique discipline and it's sad to see copywriters who focus only on using keywords to place well with search engines but don't seem to care about the quality of content readers will find when they do land on a page.

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5125 days ago

Hi Ajay, To extend the point about Mistake #2, I would suggest reading your copy aloud as part of the proof reading cycle. It uncovers a lot of errors.

Written by m4bmarketing
5125 days ago

Good post Ajay and must admit I do fall into not always proof reading. Luckily a writer friend spots them and lets me know.


Written by ajayjoya
5125 days ago

proof reading captures mistakes and provides the chance to correct them before posting in front of the world. thanks

Written by yoni67
5125 days ago


Great post! Great information for all writers! I have learned that the headline is a very important component. It must be dynamic to get the readers' attention. Research is also very important in order to convey the proper message.



Written by ajayjoya
5125 days ago

thanks, Yoni

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