Top 30 Blog Post Ideas: Part Two

Top 30 Blog Post Ideas: Part Two  - Avatar Posted by jonnyross under Social Media
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Last week I shared with you the first 15 of my Top 30 Blog Post Ideas. This week we have another 15 ideas to provide further inspiration to help maximise your company blog potential and engage your readers.

As discussed last week, there are a number of reasons why blogging is good for business. In addition to improving your businesses’ SEO, blogs can provide brilliant and original content to be used on social media, and encourage click throughs and traffic round your website. Blogs also provide a great platform to engage directly with your target audience and if the content is good enough, position you as an expert and voice of authority.
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Written by jonnyross
3341 days ago

@Kingofcontent92 - very kind indeed, and yes, I do hope this gives bloggers some direction instead of blogging about nonsense!!

@BizRock - thank you for your kind words, and glad it was helpful!

@Heather - Love the idea of hybrids!! And especially love the examples of titles you have given!

Written by kingofcontent92
3341 days ago

A post worth reading for especially those who are thinking on venturing the world of blogging. It is so useful that my thanks will not cover how grateful . This post will change the ideas of bloggers on what they will write instead of just blabbering about so much nonsense.

Written by BizRock
3342 days ago

These great blog post ideas will make your blog more interesting. This is a great list for all bloggers. We always looking for new blog ideas,this list was extremely helpful.

Written by HeatherStone
3342 days ago

Hi Jonny,

Really comprehensive post and I'd be reluctant to try to figure out whether you've missed any until I read "Part 1." I'm imagining some of these could also be combined into hybrids? Like maybe a news post that incorporates a list? Say, "Top 10 social media developments this week" or "Top 5 takeaways from the Twitter IPO?"

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!