10 Steps to Courageous Leadership

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Leadership begins within, with how you feel and how you interact with the world. If you are interested in developing your skills to become a leader in your small business, then savor this article. Among the 10 steps to courageous leadership include ... Read More
Yesterday during a Senate confirmation hearing, a U.S. Senator (businessman) was caught sleeping and doodling by cameras.

This chapter in American Politics has implications and repercussions on all of our BUSINESSES Read More
There are MANY great reasons to become a freelancer. No cranky bosses. No long commutes. Lunch-break in the forest walking the dog. Playing Hendrix and Zeppelin at full-blast!

But what happens when you get sick? A serious and irreverant discourse on the subject.. Read More

100 Reasons Why We Love You Daddy!

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As dads we often struggle to balance our time between family and work. We get wrapped up in our pursuit of career success. It stems from an overwhelming desire to be a good provider. We get home tired… our attention span stretched to the limit.

Sometimes I question myself… thinking, “You’ve got to work harder to be a better dad.”

My wife and kids always find the perfect way to put things in perspective.

My girls gave me this list of 100 Reasons Why We Love You Daddy! It’s funny… some of them are repeats, but I share all of them with you because I know many of these apply to you also.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to be.. Read More
While browsing the web for small business ideas and tips, I discover a resource that is fascinating: The DaVinci Method that can better your as an entrepreneur Read More
These Facebook specific rules address photos, tagging, and all those applications.

When you first got to college, social media was probably about sending party invites, posting pictures of your new friends, complaining about tests, meeting dates, and keeping in touch with family back home. Now that you’re getting ready to leave school behind, you will need to reconfigure your social media activity so that future employers and contacts respect you. Here are 50 social media etiquette rules to remember Read More
Didn't land the job, contract or project?

Here's a GREAT questionnaire I developed to find out why! It allows you to obtain feedback, improve your business marketing and get your foot through the proverbial door! Give it a try Read More
I'm Heidi. A Biz Sugar Groupie and VOTER!

I'm back for the final part of my trilogy: an outsiders view on succeeding on Biz Sugar.

Today it's about comments. Respond to them and build good will. Get loyal readers and VOTES! Ignore them or don't bother to answer and don't be surprised if the opposite happens Read More
You post to Biz Sugar? Do you want to make the "Hot Topics" Page? Of Course!!!

It's about getting involved, not just posting and splitting!

Here are the habits of those who are consistently reaching the Biz Sugar "Hot Topics" Page!! Read More

De-tangle yourself from your chair!

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Some of us may find ourselves sitting in front of the computer for many hours during the day (like you are now). So I thought I would share a few simple exercises with you to help stretch your limbs, eyes, ears and other areas of your bod Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!