Long Tail search marketing is wonderful, but it's spiraling out of control -- it's hard to actively manage tens of thousands of keywords. The CEO of Hakia has a vision for how semantic search advertising could make the Long Tail manageable. Read More
So, if "everybody's doing it"—shifting resources from branding to direct marketing—why should your company buck the tide? Here are four reasons. Read More
tips on how to speak publicly about your business or product, while representing and reinforcing your brand Read More
Google just wants to have fun—despite the economic downturn. The beta version of Adsense for Games is now available for the integration of video ads into online social games. The opportunities of reaching more customers and placing relevant ads to reach the right audiences are expanding to this new medium. Read More
Google has launched a new feature for YouTube Insight: Hot Spot, which enables clients to play their videos alongside a graph that reflects the "ups-and-downs of viewership at different moments within the video." "Hot" and "cold" spots in the content are determined by comparing a videos abandonment rate to other videos on YouTube of simil Read More
You're writing a blog, but not even your mother reads it regularly. How do you get people to visit and keep coming back to your site? Read More
I stumbled upon this site for the first time last week and came back to it again today out of curiosity. It so happens something slightly changed- luckily, it still works to prove my point. Last week, the Natural Confectionery Company was offering a bag of free sweets!:-) which at the end engaged the viewer into putting in their contact details Read More
News is, AOL launched a worldwide online campaign that runs through the step by step of what target advertising is, benefits it brings and opting out options. And what better way to represent it than with Mr. Penguin; he's friendly, harmless, everyone loves penguins, plus, he loves anchovies. Read More
Experience with the Restaurant Business, and does a restaurant (or any business) really need a website? Read More
The letters in the word "marketing" can be used to make 42 different words -- with the word "me" being the smallest of them. I don't know what it means...but can you find any additional words in "marketing?" Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!