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Are Merkel's ideas the best way to solve the Euro crisis? Does it have to take years and hardship for the European people to get Europe on the right track again? Read More
Why is Washington cheering on Middle Eastern people rising against injustices but when it comes to Americans demanding change the tone is different? Will the movement mark the beginning of a new era of thinking? Sooner or later politicians world wide have to listen to the young generation in order Read More
Now with markets moving on Italy and other countries with sovereign debts, it’s a good time to contemplate who really decides what happens in the world economy. Read More
The multitude of crisis management strategies do give the impression it’s almost impossible to manage disaster when it hits you. But is it really that difficult? Read More
The energy that creates great ideas also creates errors. Most really successful people have hence had huge setbacks, frequently losing everything they had. Read More
Loved it when I came across research indicating that might be the case. Am tired of hearing about the benefits of getting up at the crack of dawn.It’s a habit we have inherited from traditional societies when mankind rose with the sun and went to bed at sunset. But is it really beneficial for socie Read More
Saudi women recently woke up to the news that they will be able to vote and run in municipal elections. But Western media managed to put a negative spin on it. We should instead focus on that King Abdullah will now go down in history as the reformer who paved way for progress in Saudi Arabia. From Read More
Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz has a lot to say about market extremists. He predicted the recent economic crisis but nobody listened until it was too late. Read More
The combination of the rapidly expanding global fashion & beauty industry and the internet is providing lucrative opportunities for developing countries. Read More
Of course you would. You would actually want to read it immediately. And your customers are no different from you. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!