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When democracies lose economic power democracy is weakened. America and Europe are suffering from lack of vision and strategy while China's tactics are working. Is China’s geo-strategic policies making them the winner of the global chess game? That would be a set back for democracy. Read More
Politicians can't afford to make the mistakes the financial markets and credit rating agencies made by underpinning sub-prime loans and Greek borrowings. But world leaders how need deal with the problems facing not only their own country but the whole world economy. Read More
Evil became a fashionable word in the West after 9/11. Calling something evil is easy because then there is no need to look at why it happened. Do you agree with me that it’s time to stop hiding behind the convenient label evil and start, again, looking at the reasons behind, identify the problems Read More
Yes, that’s right, wealthy donors from developing countries, notably China and India.They are increasingly giving, donating, caring and sympathizing. Not, as some of you may think, just sell and take. A Chinese company who funds worthy causes all over the world are more popular with Chinese custome Read More
Exactly, desperation. And that’s precisely why there are one million refugees there. They have escaped war torn Afghanistan and Iraq for the relative safety of Iran. But due to criminal gangs exploiting economic migrants, the West, Europe in particular, is increasingly leaving genuine refugees to r Read More
The truth is hard to find, not least if you are in charge. Your colleagues will frequently, consiously or not, give you the answer they believe you want. How do you overcome the fact that your colleagues are to some extent reliant on you and enable openness? Read More
With Saudi Arabia and Iran battling each other is OPEC still able to control oil prices? Doubtful, since what the Kingdom does is more important than what OPEC says. Read More
Recent predictions about where the Chinese and US economies are heading really echoes the cold war. But the arguments are valid. Read More
Cyber attacks on gas, power and water systems are increasing around the world. Israel's solution to the problem is actually the most intelligent I have come across, so far. Read More
Are you, after reading Richard Branson's advice on how to succeed, ready to trade places with him? Or will you opt for a less challenging way to the top? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!