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Every day I run into realtors who do not understand the value of Twitter or understand Twitter period. Most realtors act as a small business and some actually are their own small business. Small businesses can benefit greatly using Twitter. Realtors are just like any small business. They work 24/7, Read More
Have you tried to increase your social shares lately? There are so many ways out there tViral Content Buzzo accomplish this. I’ve had people ask me this all the time. Of course many of the ways cost money and others cost a lot of time. Who has a lot of money or time today? Viral Content Buzz does m Read More
Did you know you can change your Twitter Algorithmic Timeline now? I had changed mine a while back when it first came out. I recently shared a tweet about this change from the Verge. The Verge claimed very few people were aware of it and barely anyone ever disabled it.

I received this response f Read More
I was excited to learn about some new ways to show twitter share count once again on the blog. You may have remembered my last post about the loss of the Twitter share count. Twitter stopped the share counts from being seen on third party applications, etc. via their API on your blog or website. Th Read More
Best Online Marketing Blogs via Fit Small Business.
Here is our list of the top small business blogs of 2015 - See more at: Read More
Twitter is now a little easier to use with their latest update of their Twitter feed. Twitter is making conversations on Twitter much easier now to follow and participate in. (Twitter revealed this yesterday on their blogfollow). Many newbies on Twitter complain they just don’t get it or understand Read More
You may have remembered way back when I was hit with a Google penalty here. Ouch! Right? I hope you haven’t been hit by one or get hit by a Google penalty in the future. That’s why I’m writing and revealing about this one for you. Read More
3 Ways to Not Make Money Blogging & 4 Ways to Make It!
If you have been reading Inspire to Thrive for any length of time you know this blog has tried various ways of making money online. It was actually founded because of a retail website I had many years ago that started to make money online. The Read More
You may have read how a pop up can turn readers off. I’ve read figures as high as 95% of people hate pop-upsnofollow. I know I have and have found some of the pop ups to be quite intrusive especially on mobile. But more and more people have been using these creative pop ups on their blogs and websi Read More
Google Plus Social Network or SEO Based?
google plus social networkIf you are not a blogger you may not understand exactly what Google Plus is. During my day job I am out seeing clients on social media and other online products we now help them with. The one question that keeps coming up is “What Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!