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Influencer marketing is the latest buzzword in the world of digital marketing. The strategy is popular among big brands and startups alike, helping the increase brand awareness and sales revenues. But you can’t just throw your brand into influencer marketing won’t help much. You need to utilize a c Read More
Brand24 is a social listening tool I learned about over on the Quora network. Not only does Brand24 monitor your social mentions but they monitor anything mentioned with your name or company name on the web.

In addition to mentions they also give each mention an influencer score and a sentiment Read More
Blogging Has Changed!
I have been through some blogging wars
Having been a blogger for the past 8 years I can honestly say that although some aspects of blogging have stayed the same, some of blogging has changed.

It is callblogging has changedSaveed: evolution.

As we grow and learn and adj Read More
Elokezn is a new content marketing automUse Elokenzation tool. It is currently in beta. This content marketing automation tool is similar to the Buffer app. I was asked to test it out. When I started to use Elokenz I first thought, oh no, not another new automation tool. But after I began to use El Read More
Learn how to sweeten your Twitter Lists and Grow Your Twitter Following....Adding people to your Twitter lists can easily and quickly add relevant followers to your Twitter Profile.
People love to be added or included in lists or groups. Don't you love it when someone includes you in a something? Read More
9 Real Estate Agents Who Really Get Twitter Right
real estate agentsThere are many real estate agents on Twitter today. But I have found most of them just tweet out their own listings. They treat Twitter like a billboard for their listings and their branding campaigns. And yes, some realtors still Read More
Will you get the new updated mute on Twitter? Will your keywords or phrases be eliminated by your followers?

Twitter rolled out the mute button feature over 2 years ago. That meant your Twitter followers could turn your tweets off to mutmute on Twittere. I’m not sure if many peeps have used thi Read More
Did you know blogging online began back in 1994? The first recognized blog was It was really a person’s personal notes on life. A very simple great blog. Since then over millions of people blog. Another hundred million+ people use social networking sites to blog like Twitter. Twitter is Read More
Has your Twitterness gone stale? Is your Twitter account not doing much for you or your business lately? You may have noticed your followers haven’t really increased much and your Twitter stats are nothing to write home about. I see it with many tweeps including myself a few weeks ago. It’s time fo Read More
Social Media Mistakes
Let me start by asking you a simple question and what I will also want from you is a simple answer.

How long have been marketing your business on the social media? And what has been your result so far? Can the outcome be equated with the time you’ve spent doing it? Please Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!