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oFollow linking has never been so prominent, and never has it been so dangerous for both ethical and practical reasons.
I don’t like the NoFollow attribute. When it was introduced in 2005, it made so much sense. But since then it has been abused by both webmasters and the search engines, and tha Read More
Denied by the Google Panda- The email from Google came the other day as I’ve been sick. The reconsideration request had been denied by Google. My PageRank remains still at 0. The traffic and search has not been affected by this Google Panda (yet.) It did state one or more pages from http://inspiret Read More
Learn some tricks setting up your new Twitter Profile - Oh Yes, More Twitter Updates to Know and Use Today. Since the last post I did on Twitter changes coming more Twitter updates have been implemented and are now on the way. Are you ready today for the newest Twitter updates? I received the email Read More
Have you been reading the news about the new Twitter changes online or on Twitter itself? The talk revolves around no more #hashtags on Twitter along with other several big changes. Can you imagine what Twitter would be like without hashtags? What would the Twitter chats end up looking like? How wo Read More
Do your customers adore you? Running a business has never been easy. Years ago it used to be a lot more simple. You provided a good service, and if people liked it, they kept coming back. But in the age of social media, where any one person can send a tweet or a Facebook post that lets the entire w Read More
Have you dabbled yet with Tumblr? I’ve seen many fellow bloggers using Tumblr as another social media site to spread their blogs reach. It’s a cross between Twitter and a blogging platform. You can do more with unlimited characters than the 140 character limit via Twitter. You can view a lot of sel Read More
Like a CSI team uses forensic tools to solve a murder at a crime scene, a blogger uses plugins and applications to solve a problem on a website. I discovered my blog crime scene several months ago as I become a blog detective.

Log Entry 11/22/13

I opened my Gmail account and saw an email from Read More
Recently a faithful reader here asked which are the most popular hashtags along with the stats to go with them. Instead of responding in a comment I thought I would respond via a post for all to learn and read. I knew there were a few other readers too from my last post on Hashtags Today who also w Read More
When are deals really a deal? I was home on Thanksgiving morning watching my email flood with this sale and that sale. Only one message made me spring into action. Origins. They rarely lower their prices or offer $10 off $25. When are deals really a deal? Would you know if you saw one? Read more to Read More
Loyalty Reward Programs Does your restaurant participate in any type of a loyalty program? They can be simple rewards like a FREE coffee. Did you know that people spend an average of 46% more when they are enrolled in a rewards program? It can be as simple as a punch card for small restaurants or… Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!