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Useful tips on how to increase business blog exposure, interest and traffic by avoiding key mistakes. Ideas discussed include post scheduling, presentation, calls-to-action and search engine marketing. Read More
The loanable funds model is an economic theory that states business borrowing and lending is determined by the interest rates businesses pay for those loans, and the availability of capital through the banking system and other traditional sources of capital. Read More
Knowing how banks review business loan applications helps increase the probability of being approved for financing. Financial institutions often use financial analysis tools such as ratios and forecasting in addition to company performance factors such as banking history and business financial data Read More
Key focus areas that financial managers focus on and why. The importance of variables such as present value of future cash flow, risk management and cost controls in carrying out and developing business objectives. Read More
With strong proposals, and a valid business model, finding investors during periods of less revenue doesn't have to be impossible. Fixed rates of returns and appealing loan terms combined with the investment acquisition techniques in this article can help facilitate business capitalization. Read More
Regulatory gaps within generally accepted accounting principles provide businesses with financial accounting latitude. This enables creative accounting, exploitation of loopholes in financial reporting and quantitative slight of hand that has the potential to mislead investors. Read More
Segmentation variables help marketers target their markets better using demographic data such as age, zip code and gender. Gathering and analyzing these factors provide valuable insights about who to market to and in what way. Read More
Public transportation offers small businesses an opportunity to market to demographics in transit. Research finds ridership engagement and advertising design are key to the effectiveness of metro card ads. Although targeting marketing via metro card ads is challenging, innovative use of the cards s Read More
Types of sales forecasts, evaluation of them and factors used in their calculation. More elaborate forecasts can be created using statistical software, however simple moving average forecasts may suffice. This article highlights advantages and disadvantages of using sales forecasts for business. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!