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Ooma has primarily focused its efforts on VoIP communications.
Now, the company has added a new service to its Ooma Office platform that’s aimed at generating sales leads for your business. It’s called Ooma Office Business Promoter and the company says it could double your marketing budget potenti Read More
Are you one of those people who dream of starting a business?
Did you wake up one day with a bright idea and afterwards couldn’t stop thinking of it and seeing a way of making money with it?
Being an entrepreneur can be a long and joyful journey; taking a small idea, building it from the ground u Read More
Have you ever gone out to grab a quick bite at your favorite fast food restaurant, but couldn’t use your phone while chowing down because of the grease? It’s a real problem for those of us who want to multitask or just can’t put our phones down, not even for food. Well, KFC has the solution. Read More
When you walk into the Ziferblat Café in Shoreditch, a trendy suburb of London, you’ll notice an abundance of clocks.
Those clocks aren’t just a design choice. Time is actually a very important concept at the shop. Even the name means clock face in Russian and German.
Time is so important at Zife Read More
Is the signage for your business old and weathered — or just plain old school? You work hard to promote your business, products and services, only to have outdated signage drag your brand down.
Fortunately, there’s a way to transform signage for your small business. And it may only be a few tweets Read More
Today’s newer payment apps and platforms can be pre-programmed for certain tipping amounts and seem to be resulting in higher tips for wait staff, cab drivers, and others.
For some entrepreneurs, this is good news. Even restaurateurs can benefit from their wait staff getting higher tips. Big tips Read More
Arjun Arora, creator of ReTargeter, which presents highly targeted ads to consumers, moved on quickly after selling his six-year-old startup this past March. And now a new app called Immediately is his new gig.
The Immediately app is designed to integrate deeply with Gmail and Salesforce to help s Read More
Many tea drinkers will tell you that for superior flavor, the best option is loose leaf tea.
Unfortunately, the drawback to using loose leaf is the mess involved with brewing it. This is especially true if you are away from home.
But a group of Western Washington University students have created Read More
Lots of gamers likely dream of quitting their jobs and playing video games full time. But for Robert Hohman, that was just one step on his path.
The former president of Hotwire quit his job in 2006 to play World of Warcraft professionally. He did so for about a year. But when he got to the highest Read More
What do employees want from their employers? It’s not free food in the fridge, Foosball tables or dry-cleaning delivery services. According to a survey by 15Five, the majority of employees would rather have better communication at work than perks.
The poll of more than 1,000 full-time U.S. workers Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!