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You can't kill a bad client even if it seems like it would be the best solution. The web design world is chock full of these instances, but you can still turn around a bad situation in a lot of cases if you push the right buttons. Several designers share their experiences and methods for salvagin Read More
Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla - these are becoming common terms for developers, webmasters and even small business owners managing their own content. The advent of these free technologies has changed how web design companies work, and in this post several prominent designers weigh in on the changes. Read More
If you own a small business you know how fragile your world can be - and nothing puts you more at risk than files and data disappearing from a dead computer or having that computer stolen. This handy checklist walks you through some concrete steps that can keep your data safe. Read More
The ability to get people to respond to e-mails, in my opinion, is an underrated talent and if you can do so without being accused of harassment or giving up an appendage (I do not suggest either), then you’ve stumbled across something. Read More
Being nagged by negative listings or bad reviews when people search for your company or products? This post walks you through how to diagnose and fix your search engine problems. Read More
It's one thing to build an online store: see product - by product. But what about when you're trying to sell web design services? Several prominent designers weigh in on the differences between designing their sites versus their clients. Read More
Some things are hard to put into words - explaining in words how to tie your shoe, people's fascination with the Olsen twins, etc. But is there anything harder than explaining your job when you're an SEO? Read More
The Netvantage Marketing website was recently re-launched with one goal in mind - get more business. This post walks through the thought process and the results from a conversion first mindset. Read More
If you haven't been to an SEOmoz or Distilled seminar you're missing out - TONS of leading thinkers sharing their ideas and strategies on search. This blog is a nice summary of information shared at the most recent seminar. Read More
Finding awesome free stuff makes anyone happy. Here's three free SEO tools you may not know about that can reap rewards for your online marketing immediately. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!