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Why is it that so many blogs are being started, and none of them ever seem to make much money?

My hypothesis is that most of the people that start a blog do so on a whim. As a result, they never really take much time to see what the experts in their niche are doing and end up making all the same Read More
Every year thousands of people go on to found their own company. In fact, some estimates believe that in the US alone there are over 500,000 new businesses started each month.

And many of them are from first time founders. As a first time founder myself, I’m always on the look out for ways to im Read More
When I was 18 I applied to Harvard.

Being one of 20k applicants with less than a 10% chance overall, I had to find a way to stand out.

Most people look towards the obvious; having great test scores, well written essays and recommendations, and a well planned application.

While all of these Read More
However it is obviously, super necessary.

We need to generate leads and eventually turn them into customers.

But how?

This was the question I’ve been faced with the last several months during which we have been launching our new prospecting and outreach tool – Ninja Outreach.

I would sa Read More
9 Creative Ways To Find A Guest Post

We’ve all heard that guest posting is a proven market strategy for increasing traffic and improving our brand.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find good opportunities.

Luckily I’ve compiled a list of 9 creative methods that you can use to fin Read More
Whether you’re a business or a blogger, blogger outreach has a place in your content marketing strategy.

Consider Buffer, who grew to 70k users with content marketing, primarily guest posting.

As well as Sue Anne’s post, How To Get Traffic To Your Blog, listing Blogger Outreach at the top.
Read More
Last year was an epic year for round up posts.

As a blogger of quasi-importance myself, I often receive a few invites every month. And honestly, I enjoy being a part of them.

Here are some awesome ones I remember:

60 Experts Reveal Top 3 Tools To Grow Your Email List
42 Blogging S Read More
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Are Email Lists Overrated? How To Fail At Launching To 4500 Subscribers

Anyone that has been following my blog for a long time knows that I don’t really push products.

You don’t see a lot of affiliate reviews here.

You don’t see any courses or coaching.

For the mo Read More
Today we have a featured guest post from my good friend Dave Schneider.

Dave has been working ridiculous hours day & night over the past several months in preparation for the launch of his exciting new tool.

I won’t spoil the surprise, I will let Dave tell you all about it. However I for one Read More
You've just published a post - now what?
Where To Promote Your Content After You Hit Publish #contentmarketing

Sit back and relax?



It's time to promote your content so others can find out about it.

But where?

Luckily we're entering an age of content promotion, Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!