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In some circles, the idea that seven inches can be better than ten inches would sound crazy. But In tools/toys tablet influency, it seems bigger is NOT better. Read More
A simple question like 'What IS an e-Book' can yield answers that aren't simple at all. Content Marketing and Influency leave room for lots of interpretation. Read More
The Real Point of Google Chromecast? Getting You To The Google Play Store

Google Chromecast is one slick toy. HOW slick? It's not a great media streamer—yet—but a razor to sell LOTS of Google blades. It's an AppleTV killing influency Read More
Amazon Singles just unveiled a free e-book for Kindle, where President Obama revealed his position on Influency. That's right. Influency, e-books, and Kindle. Read More
No ... Freakin' ... Way ...

Google has declared the news-hawking paper boy illegal—at least if you're planning to stay on their good side in the optimization and influency marketing race. Read More
Can 'going negative' have a positive influency effect? The answer is becoming yes, even in places that once would have summarilly rejected negative reinforcment Read More
If you have 'duplicate content' on your website, Google will penalize your optimization rankings, right? Well, no. Unless it's yes. And even Google doesn't know Read More
Words can hurt. YOUR words can hurt YOU. In the world of content marketing and influency, the way you use words matters. Influency Marketing is about Everything Read More
Everything is Everything ...

As you figure out the magic formula, you've no doubt asked: 'What Is My Marketing Missing?'. The Answer, sans Influency, is: You're LITERALLY missing EVERYTHING Read More
On The Danger ... and Necessity ... of Presuming Things:

How much does 'everything' matter to Influency Marketing? Roll up SmartPhones, browsers, marketing, and computers and you you've only scratched the surface. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!