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Using Yelp WordMaps HeatMaps To Find Hipsters?

You've run out of Influency ideas? Think up new ones. Can Yelp's new WordMap content bring influency* back, as the beleaguered reviews site locates HIPSTERS? Read More
I WANT to love SpoonRocket, but ...

Take a 'great' idea. Add 'great execution' and major influency from media and venture capital. Is that enough for success? Marketing and business need to align. Read More
Yo, My Name is Nicholas, and this is Ridiculous. Got Mad Gummy Money, and it is Deliciousness illustrates Media Influency, and why Vine Beats Instagram. Read More
Journalism is all about establishing Influency. So how do you create Influency if you aren't a journalist with a huge megaphone? Get other megaphones talking. Read More
One Foot in Front of The Other ...

Influency requires plans you achieve one step at a time. But the FitBit Flex Quantified Self activity tracker achieves Influency LITERALLY one step at a time Read More
Wouldn't it be nice if you knew where to find all your stuff? The cloud is here, real, and will be staying, but cloud storage is too fragmented for Influency.

Who's Hiring Whom?

How do you find great employees? Power roles and employment rates nothwithstanding, Finding great employees means understanding the two-way nature of Influency. Read More
The Problem With Flat Design:

Apple is about as influence-y as Influency gets. They're redesigning the world. Again. Hello, flat design, and goodbye to the skeuomorphism we hadn't name. Read More
And Now, Matt Cutts Says Stock Photos Will Hurt You

Is Media Influence-y? You Bet. Does Stock Photography Hurt your Influency and Search Engine Optimization? Not YET, but Stock Photos just hit Matt Cutts' Radar. Read More
Hipsters, Albums, Singles, and Influency:

Want control over your customers? Albums may be passe, in the music business OR when you market other content and media. Influency is how you manage that. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!