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For years now we've heard, "Advertising doesn't work. No one cares what you have to say about your company." And now we're starting to hear the same thing about social media: It doesn't work. At least, that's what I'm hearing. Read More
With the situation of our economy today, looking for a source of funding has become a headache. However, this should not be your reason of not getting a loan for your starting a business. The only thing that you need to do to get the ever challenging business loan is to make your self “loan-worthy”. Think of the process first before approaching th Read More
Optimizing your internet business with Social Media will boost out your business. Social Media is one of the powerful tools in defining your business practices toward improving your site's performance in the cyberspace. Read More
Westpac New Zealand will appeal last month's billion dollar judgement against it in the High Court, which found that four representative structured finance transactions between 1998 and 2005 constituted tax avoidance. Read More

Give Your Marketing a Fall Lift

Give Your Marketing a Fall Lift - Avatar Posted by aliciatrinidad under Marketing
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Here in New England, the leaves on the trees have turned blazing colors. They're a brilliant reminder of the change of seasons, and their time is short. Soon they'll turn brown, dry up, fall off and get blown (or raked) away. Read More
A global entrepreneur must have a global strategy to become successful in the foreign market. They must have to optimize their production value to meet the demand of the global market. To build a global strategy, the company must strive to create a low cost strategy which focuses on low production and other related cost. Read More
You might be looking for some advice on how to present yourself to get a business financing. As there are ways on how to present yourself, there are also ways that you should not do. These are as follows: Read More
When you are into internet business, you must clearly create your product information. This is what your potential customers would like to know about your business. However, an entrepreneur must be aware and be careful with some mistakes in creating product information. Here are the most common mistakes that you must avoid in creating product info Read More
Social Media is a like nuclear explosion these days. High speed internet reach increases everyday and more people use internet. Facebook users increase everyday, Twitter registers 18 million new users every year, and Google wave is on the horizon. Everyday bloggers publish about 900,000 blog posts on thousands of blogs around the web, or 700 millio Read More

Social Media and SMBs: Conflicting Data

Social Media and SMBs: Conflicting Data - Avatar Posted by aliciatrinidad under Social Media
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Last week I took some heat from several people in response to a press release put out about a SMB survey done through MerchantCircle. The release showed a large percentage of survey respondents adopting social media for marketing purposes. The release and the related post were clear that the survey population was ahead of the curve (”active” Merc Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
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