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Sales leads are just as important to advertising firms as attracting customers for their clients, if not more. They're your biggest chance of getting a new business partner and as a result your best source of work and opportunity. What's interesting is that obtaining this source either takes up a l Read More
The unique thing about advertising is that it's one of those industries that's right on the line between B2B and B2C. In other words, when it comes to getting people interested it's something you're always involved in. Be it trying to attract customers for a client or trying to attract clients to t Read More
Anyone who’s hoped to escape the popularity contests of highschool might be a little disappointed if they ever got a job in B2B marketing. The real challenge though isn’t just the fact that these contest are more intense from competing for high profile corporate attention. It’s also because all tha Read More
As Halloween is priming the consumer market, retailers themselves are realizing how much of the target market is actually expanding beyond the kiddies and the candy bags. Read More
Newspapers. Magazines. Journals. These different forms of print media are usually taken for granted in many aspects. This includes everything from the right to free expression to the information they provide. It's only when dictatorship comes in and deprives everyone of those privileges that people Read More
Advertising lead generation is just like any other B2B marketing process. It needs to be done fast. However, don't be too reckless in in gaining speed. Speed is good but it can lose its value when misdirected. That's why in racing, speed must be paired well with control because the track always has Read More
It's a common mistake to read the words creative services and think that it's not a very business-minded industry. It actually is (or at the very least, it knows how important the business world can be). The industries of movie, music, other entertainment arts, and of course advertising all put cen Read More
Those in advertising are often surprised at the many ways other B2B businesses use telemarketing. There's hardly anything that remotely resembles a sales pitch (or at least ones you'd normally hear in an infomercial). The same could be said of the questions they'll ask. They sound less like leading Read More
In business, few rules can truly stand the test of time. Ironically, one such rule is that you should always brace for change. This change can take you to unexpected places and sometimes cause you to uncomfortable decisions like changing the very core identity of your business. Read More
People are in always in a constant state of flux, just like businesses. They come and go, products and services are added, while some are phased out. Venues change, as well the leaders. Companies make as well as lose money. While investors invest, the creditors withdraw. Hundreds of lawsuits are wo Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!