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This article shows small business owners how to add the five senses to their people-based business and market their service business.

As a result, your customers will feel, taste, hear, touch and see your services and understand the benefits of your service. Read More
As a small business owner, you have many ways to get your message out there in the public domain that doesn’t cost you anything or if it does, it’s a minimum cost.

You are rich in resources. Now, more than ever, is the time to use your resources to promote your business. Here are seven ways to a Read More
Because of our style of glance-reading, bulleted lists are very popular. They help emphasise a point and allow the readers to take information in quickly.

However, they are often over-used and incongruent. This article provides three pieces of advice to writing successful bullets. Read More
If you have a paragraph that looks good, there is a better chance that it will be read. Think about it. How many times have you looked at a document and groaned? The A4 page is one long paragraph.
Where do you start? What's the point of it? You start reading and by the third sentence, you’re bored Read More
A paragraph is a group of sentences that develop an idea. It can also be part of an extended idea. A document is made up of several paragraphs.

Mastering the art of paragraph writing will make writing easier and more effective. There are a few steps to writing a successful paragraph. Read More
Today I’m continuing with the topic of headlines. I want you to know the basics and have 8 techniques in your copy-writing arsenal to write killer headlines. This article gives you the next four techniques. Read More
Writing the headline can often cause the best copy-writer a panic attack. It is the gatekeeper of your article and will make the difference between whether it’s read or not, never mind the sale. However, fear not, there are several techniques that you can use when creating your killer headline. Read More
A headline can make or break a sales letter, website page, newsletter, email, email newsletter, blog post or twitter post. In fact, everything you write should have a killer headline.

Headlines are the gatekeeper of an article or ad. If it’s good, people will read on. If it isn’t, then your emai Read More
Many people encounter writer’s block. It’s almost like a sickness. You sit at the computer to write but nothing happens. But unlike other sicknesses, you can’t take a few painkillers and make it go away.This article offers a prescription to your writing excuses. Read More
Back in 1982, FR David sold 8 million copies of his song ‘Words’. He sang: “Words don’t come easy to me". If like Mr David, words don’t come easy to you, then this is the article for you. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!