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You know you need to be on social media, right? It’s been pounded into your head enough. Everywhere you turn there’s a blog post or magazine article on the importance of small businesses having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and increasingly, Google Plus. Who has the time? Read More
Is your family the type that’s close-knit and supportive? Or is the dynamic more like something out of a daytime soap opera? Even if it’s the former, and Thanksgiving dinners don’t ever result in bodily injury, that doesn’t mean you have what it takes to go into business as a family. Read More
Is working with family a dream or a nightmare?

There are plenty of stories to support either point of view. It’s not difficult to find stories about family working relationships that have turned into bitter rivalries, and even court battles, and there are other examples of companies th Read More
So, you say you want to be a millionaire?  You’re not alone.  While we all start businesses for different reasons, entrepreneurs almost always list financial security as one of the primary reasons for going into business for themselves. Read More
This week, we’re recognizing the top 10 blogs from Founders and CEOs. As young entrepreneurs, these are the guys and girls we’re all trying to be. These are the people who started companies that were successful beyond their wildest dreams. These are the people who changed their industries, changed Read More
Introducing The Young Entrepreneur Mega InfoGraphic! Below is not only the longest InfoGraphic posted on the Internet, it’s also undoubtedly the most useful to anyone with an Entrepreneurial Mind. Scroll through the image below, and take it all in, and you’ll have all the info you need to start, Read More
The Hitachi Foundation’s approach to social entrepreneurship is different from what you may have seen from other enterprises or programs. The Foundation is seeking to fund an ethnically and geographically diverse group of young business leaders who have developed a viable business model that provid Read More
Not too long ago, terms like, “renewable,” “fair trade,” and “sustainable” were considered the vocabulary of what some would refer to as “granolas,” “tree huggers” or “the far left.” These days, you're almost as likely to hear a CEO speaking of corporate responsibility as financial projections. Read More
Why is it that people often say yes when they really want to say no? It could be that it’s engrained in us from birth. In our childhood, what was the one thing we hated to hear more than anything else? “Liver for dinner!” Ok, but after that it was probably, “No.” Read More
If you’re hungry for a great entrepreneurial success story - someone who has built a business from scratch, with no outside funding or unusual legs up and has built that business to the top of its market - you’ll love today’s interview!  Gabriel Shaoolian, founder and CEO of ... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!