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This week, we talked about the importance of reading for writers … Reading is essential for relaxing, recharging, and enhancing creativity. While I usually recommend fiction books for down time, Michael Masterson's new book, The Reluctant Entrepreneur, fits nicely into the inspirational category as Read More
The secret to becoming successful at anything, including your freelance career, is using your time effectively.

So today, I've put together what I consider to be some of the top reasons how you as a freelancer (or aspiring freelancer) can be even more productive than you are right now. Read More
As parents, we constantly seek new information because our children grow and go through new stages of development.

Because our businesses are in an industry that is growing and changing all the time, we do the same.

So HOW do we stay on top of all these changes and new developments? Read More
Last week, she and I sat down for coffee, and I did something unorthodox. After a more detailed discussion, I cut my hourly rate by 50% and won the project.

I know you’re shocked. I was shocked. I went against the standard advice we get from AWAI.

With good reason, they warn that price-cuttin Read More
Cows ruminate when they eat. They eat grass or feed, chew it once, let it partially digest, and then chew it again. That’s called “chewing the cud.” Cows will sit around, quite happily, and chew their cud for hours.

They do it to extract every calorie from their food. If they didn’t do this, the Read More
Many people have written and spoken about the power of belief – Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Benjamin Disraeli, Sam Walton, even Dr. Seuss … to name just a few.

Some call it the Law of Attraction, others describe it as positive thinking, still others refer to it as Read More
There’s a reason they tell us to put our own mask on first: we’re not going to be of much help to anyone if we’re passed out or dead.

This warning is specifically addressed to parents who are travelling with children. It’s reminiscent of the advice new moms receive — remember to take care of you Read More
I’m on a dream team called Copy Stars Mastermind, formed at the 2012 Web Intensive in San Diego.

No one would mistake me for a Michael Jordan of the copywriting world, but I can speak for each of our members: it’s ignited a fire under each of us and fueled our copywriting careers.

Since Febru Read More
Having the chance to speak publicly can often invoke great fear in people. But Michele Peterson explains why such an opportunity is a great way to market your freelance business. Read More
Keeping the momentum is possibly the hardest part of having a mastermind group. Michele Peterson lays out several ways to keep the group going. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!