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Text message marketing can be a great way to reach out to your customers. But you shouldn’t just send out any old text and expect to see results. To assist those new to the world of SMS marketing, SlickText put together an infographic with some suggestions. Read More
"Improving your Twitter strategy is one of the best ways to enhance your overall social media marketing efforts. With these 33 Twitter tips, in 140 characters or less, you can easily elevate your Twitter savviness." Read More

Time Management for Social Media #infographic

Time Management for Social Media #infographic - http://www.visualistan.com Avatar Posted by SaadAhmadkhan under Social Media
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This infographic provides a detailed breakdown of routine activities required for a successful social media strategy. Read More
The beauty of WordPress is, that you can easily customize and view your page, before cutting it loose onto the world. Back in the olden days, you wrote your HTLM code in Notepad, then opened a browser window to view the website. This was a very cumbersome process.
Today, we have WordPress, w Read More
There is no secret that consumers’ respond better to visual marketing and this is one reason infographics became an instant home run when they burst onto the scene several years ago. Read More
If a guest has a bad experience, 95% of them are likely to tell someone about that experience. Far fewer people are apt to tell someone about a good experience. What are some best practices for dealing with a negative comment or post on your social media channels? Read More

Social Media For Small Business - Infographic

Social Media For Small Business - Infographic - http://www.brainymarketer.com Avatar Posted by JohnPaul under Marketing
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Have a Small Business and still don’t see the value in Using Social Media?

Social Media is probably the most cost effect marketing you can do to get attention you your business, and that applies even if you are using it on a small scale.

Let me share a few stats from this Social Media for Sma Read More
Social media and email marketing are the two most popular digital marketing methods used today, but are they working together or against each other? Read More
Boost brand awareness and customer engagement by integrating your brand with a YouTuber's audience. "Brand integration is when a brand buys a YouTuber's audience using product placement tactics or by sponsoring the creation of a video that would not have otherwise existed on a channel," Read More
There was a time long ago when SEO was the most important form of marketing a blog, outside of creating content. Today, if you are not competitive and driving traffic to your blog via social media, succeeding in the long run might be an issue, unless you’ve somehow managed to outsmart Google. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!