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Do you remember when you were little, and the circus came to town?
It was spectacular.
The circus, for all its excitement — the animals, the trapeze artists, the clowns, the daredevil acts — came into town, did a few shows with some cool stunts, and then they left Read More
In this 16-minute episode, we get into what are some of the benefits of Klout and also challenges – as well as way to use Klout and ways that maybe you shouldn’t. Not to mention, we ask why with some apps like Hootsuite why those scores aren’t in sync with the Klout scores on the Klout main site. Inside, you’ll also find a case study of how Virgin America used measuring influence to make solid decisions on reaching targeted influencers that are right for your vertical Read More
And then I realized – with the numerous members – the Funk Brothers aren’t just a band – but a small community that made some of the best music in American history together. Don’t forget, there were, depending on your standard, between 13 and over 70 funk brothers. What are the lessons your community (online or off – it’s the same in my book) can take away from the Funk Brothers Read More
Diversity works. As interested business leaders, it is our role to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of corporate strategy conversations at a time when, due to changes in the economy, decreasing or eliminating these efforts are often a cost-cutting measure. Yet this is the time to delve deeper into the diversity and inclusion conversation so that when the economy turns, and our business models and talent look a bit different, we are poised to maximize new revenue opportunities and our human capital. Diversity works, and we were reminded this week that we must be continuously working at it Read More

The Fancy Job Title Doesn’t Make You A Leader

The Fancy Job Title Doesn’t Make You A Leader   - http://businessdonenow.com Avatar Posted by JasonKienbaum under Management
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I hate it when people think just because they have a fancy job title that it qualifies them automatically as a leader. We don’t see this issue too much with small businesses, but more with your big brand businesses. So what if you’re the CEO, President, Director of whatever – if you don’t have what people gravitate towards, then you really have no power with the company you are supposed to be in charge of. We see more people flock to those that are the true leaders of a company because they possess the knowledge, right character and the simple fact that they care about people without having the big fancy title. This makes them the authority figure that is going to make the big boss sweat. Big brands need to take another lesson from the small business owners on this one. If you truly want to be the go to person in your company here are a few things you will need to know.
Question Of The Day:
What qualities do you think a leader must have Read More
Hi, folks. Put this together as kind of a more in depth exploration of how you go about creating real community on BizSugar or any other social media site you might participate in whether large or small. Thankfully, there are many others among our regular users here at BizSugar who are equally adept at building community through social media so I thought it would be great if everyone could pitch in with some suggestions as I'm sure there are things that could be added here. Besides, getting others' input is what social media is all about, right? Thanks, in advance, for your contributions! You can comment here or on the blog post by following the link. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!