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Throughout the course of year there were multiple Cloud stories and news that will affect most of our businesses in a way or another, short term or in the future. In no particular order, here are ´s Top 2010 Cloud news and stories. A mix of predictions, vendor stories and industry trend Read More
Delivering robust yet high performing storage in the cloud has been one of the greatest hardware and software challenges in the explosion of cloud computing. Poor storage performance from many leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds is one of the most cited complaints by users. In this po Read More
The term Cloud Computing has now been around for a few years, mainly driven by the pioneers Amazon, Google and SalesForce. More recently, the competition has been growing with more and more Cloud providers flooding the market with plenty of new offerings which enable ISV and developers to launch ne Read More
Teens love to use mobile apps and so are SMBs with Cloud apps.

The Software Industry Association, SIIA, recognize that over 10 millions SMBs in the US have already adopted Cloud-based solutions and they expect 24 millions more to acquire Cloud applications in the next four years. In terms of num Read More
As a SMB owner and coming from an IT background myself I have learned the importance of storage and backup.  When disaster strikes and you need to roll back or restore your system what do you do, do you back up often, are there viable system restore points, what redundancy methods do you use, do y Read More
The latest ranking shows six CRM applications in the Top 20 Business Apps list, a confirmation of recent months' trend, as well as the popular CRM solution, Workbooks, occupying the coveted number one position. Workbooks provides a suite of easy-to-use business applications designed spec Read More
The Cloud is getting more popular than ever and by now most of us, including my grandmother, have some information hosted somewhere in the cloud. As a consumer, think Gmail, FaceBook, Twitter messages or Flickr photos – just to name a few of the most used cloud-based services.

But for my busines Read More
There are literally thousands of business applications that are suitable for small businesses. But, if like most of your peers, you have had very little exposure to these products and you are currently running your business “off of a spreadsheet”, getting started can be daunting. Read More
Cloud-based / SaaS applications are seeing an amazing adoption rate by SMBs and enterprise business department who find in them a low risk opportunity to easily deploy solutions that have an immediate impact on productivity improvements. Read More
It can be challenging to assess whether Cloud Computing is an appropriate move for your company's needs.
This is an easy-to-use online ROI Calculator to help you analyze which elements of your IT infrastructure and portfolio of applications will cost less and perform better when moved to the Cloud Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!