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Pinterest has exploded in growth in the last year or so, becoming one of the most popular social networks for lifestyle topics. Its growth shows an interest in bookmarking and sharing content by using images rather than reviews or status updates. While you can use Pinterest to bookmark pages, a few Read More

Ultimate Guide For A Successful Blogging

Ultimate Guide For A Successful Blogging - Avatar Posted by Pakiisp under Rock Your Biz
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The Ultimate points included in this checklist will cover the basics of what you need to do during those all-important first two weeks of your blog’s life. If you follow these launching tips closely, your chances of SUCCESS are greatly improved. Read More
We’ve written many times about how social media can help hotels engage their communities through Facebook or Twitter. One of the best ways to utilize such networks is hold a contest that allows potential guests to express their creativity to win a complimentary hotel stay. Hotels can see significan Read More
As a hotelier, you probably feel that you have enough to worry about, with all your staff and having to keep an entire establishment running 24 hours a day. However, as the travel industry is continuously re-inventing itself with new trends and technology, it is very important to stay informed. Yo Read More
Twitter is taking a leap into the media space with its new “expanded tweets.” Now when you look at tweets from media partners like ABC NEWS, TIME, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, you can hover your mouse to see the first few sentences and an image from articles before you click. It’ Read More
A new trend is immerging with the popularity of social media and the web. It’s called social media for social good. Entrepreneurs are giving the community opportunities to give back in creative ways that go along with their passions. According to Blackbaud, a leading provider of software, services Read More
Watch out Yelp, you’ll be getting some competition from Google this year! As part of the popular social-local-mobile trend this year, Google will be integrating its Places with Google+ under a new Google+ Local tab in the next couple of days. Read More
With the popularity of photo-sharing mobile tool Instagram, it was only natural that a similar tool for video would follow. The latest video editing sharing application is Viddy, which has just recently surpassed 26 million users in May 2012. Read More
You’ve probably had the experience of searching for something on Google and having to sift through dozens of irrelevant results because of an ambiguous keyword such as “Cardinals,” which can refer to a species of birds or a sports team. This week, Google is rolling out the search engine of the futu Read More
Google’s Search plus Your World is finally getting some competition. Yesterday, Bing announced plans for its own redesign; one aimed to match or even surpass Google’s recent update. Not surprisingly, Bing is focusing on social search with a slogan of “Spend Less Time Searching, More Time Doing.” Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!