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Do You Value What Your Business Produces So Little That You Want To Be The Cheapest In Your MarketPlace?

I often find that the business owner is often the key driver of the price. Perhaps there are some self-belief issues that keep your prices low because you don’t believe you deserve more. Read More
I have planned some goals to get success in my online marketing career and i think they will also help you in setting some targets because i think 2013 is just started and i am too late ! Are you ? Read More
It seems preposterous to suggest that there are online companies that put time and money into social media and don’t bother to measure their return on investment (ROI). In fact, it is believed that over 70% of online businesses that utilize social media as part of their marketing drive are guilty o Read More
For example, if you create one promotional email and send it out you may get a good response or it could not get the response you expected. However, you could get even better response for the mail you sent if you sent an A/B split test email. You might be thinking what an A/B split test email is? Read More
Social media: Unlike what most people think, a Facebook "Like" is just the beginning, not the end of a relationship.Have a great start with social network. Read More
I'm giving up Google in 2013. I have become too reliant on Google's services and I am tired of having the rug pulled out from under me. Read More

The Basics of a Product P&L

The Basics of a Product P&L - Avatar Posted by emarketingfreak under Marketing
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Creating a P&L for all products that you sell will ensure the success of your small business. My favorite P&L template divides your inputs and factors into four sections: Retail Price Drivers, Product Margin Factors, Gross Margin Factors, and Profitability. Read More
Free WordPress themes often come with links to sites unrelated to yours and hidden code that could jeopardize your site's security and SEO potential. Read More
How hard is it for you to do marketing? Entrepreneurs seem to have accepted it as a part of their life and others struggle to generate leads. What goes into a marketers head? Why is it so difficult? Read on to find out more Read More
Two separate prices for - one for customers that you ship direct to and another for shipping througha middle man (distributors) - will set your business up for success by giving you the ability to manger your final retail price. Learn how to better manage your profitability and target SRPs throug Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!