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This post gives 5 examples of things you can do right now to drive extra sales and increase your revenue for holiday shoppers. Read More
The 2012 Compensation Data Hospitality survey results reported the average annual cost of insurance per employee on a hospitality employer sponsored PPO plan is $6,380. Read More
Canadian Data centre, combined with all-in-one marketing product, provides 100% Canadian end-to-end solution for organizations in Canada. Ideal for government, universities and military. Read More
As I visit the websites of many startups, as well as more mature businesses, I still too often see a “contact” page offering nothing but a sterile form for customers to submit, never to be heard from again. Social media connections, if they exist, are buried elsewhere or reserved for monitoring pur Read More
If you are looking for a franchise opportunity, the choice is mind boggling. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different types of franchise available for you to invest in, with the same variety in cost. Each have their own benefits and usually the more you pay the more potential to e Read More
If you think that publishing is going through an evolution then photography is experiencing a revolution. 

There are happy snappers everywhere. The smart phone with the inbuilt high definition camera is turning everyone into a photgrapher. Add some software technology with Instagram filters and Read More
Could a slow website be hurting your business? Load time may seem silly, but a slow site could cost you customers, conversions and thousands of dollars. Read More
In this post I cover 12 different topics from mistakes ebook authors make to how to make money with interviews and a whole lot more! Read More

The Importance of Delegation for Your Small Business

The Importance of Delegation for Your Small Business  - Avatar Posted by jimarmstrong under Management
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As entrepreneurs and business owners, we want to get our hands dirty with the daily tasks that define our businesses. At some point though, you need to learn when to pass the baton and delegate. Read More
A famous author has said "Time is everything", therefore everything needs to be done within an appropriate time period. Those who doesn't respect time, then even time doesn't support and respect them in their downfall. Timing is always important to do anything in this world. With respect to bloggin Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!