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Hate your blog? 5 ways to make blogging fun again

Hate your blog? 5 ways to make blogging fun again - http://martinairing.com Avatar Posted by Martina Iring under Online Marketing
From http://martinairing.com 2998 days ago
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Any small business owner with a blog knows the feeling of struggling with the whole content creation thing. Here are a few tips for making blogging more fun (and easier!) when you're in a rut... Read More
Frankly... I am surprised. Many don't even know how to make social generate sales. Yet, Borrell Associates' new report -- on social media adoption by small businesses -- reveals some very interesting data. Read More
Odds are if you've been building links for any period of time you've probably picked up a submitter or two for your backlinking. Here are 3 advanced tactics to get more bang for your buck with your software. Read More
The past week in monetary policy saw interest rate decisions announced by 11 central banks, with just one announcing a change in rates (Chile -25bps to 5.00%). Those that held rates unchanged were: Sri Lanka 7.00%, Poland 4.50%, Kenya 18.00%, the EU 1.00%, UK 0.50%, Indonesia 6.00%, South Korea 3. Read More
How many people decide at age 40 to pick up competitive figure skating and lose 100 pounds in the process? This success story actually demonstrates what entrepreneurs need to do in order to become successful - with a lot less work. Read More
By now, small business owners should have new strategies in place to find new customers and thereby increase their sales. If only we were living in a picture perfect world, where we would have an unlimited budget, every lending institution would give us loans, luck would favor us and our touch woul Read More
1.Gear-up for a Volatile Economy – Economic uncertainty will be a major issue that will be troubling small-medium business owners this year. A study conducted by Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute opines that economic uncertainty will be the “one thing that stands between where you are Read More
Starting another blog after having managed a similar one is one of the most common ways of generating revenue using the internet. You can even go ahead and create a virtual empire by having a lot of blogs. But all this comes with a lot of hard work. When you create more than one blog you need to be Read More
A blog with lots of comments is like the kid with lots of friends. That is, everyone wants to be that kid. Yet one of the most difficult aspects of blogging is fostering a robust comments section. As with the kid who has a lot of friends, the blog with lots of comments inspires plenty of envy in th Read More
Too many people don’t get the deductions they deserve and end up paying the IRS way too much at tax time because they’re unsure of their rights and legal privileges as home-based business owners or people who sometimes work at home. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!