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Time for a rant today…

The other day I was at the food court at our local mall and queued up to buy a lamb kebab. For some reason this place took orders first, and then you paid once the kebab was finished.

So I’m waiting patiently and feeling hungry when it’s finally my turn to pick up my fo Read More
I’ve got a confession to make today.

And it’s related to the ladies who give out samples of food at the supermarket. Read More
Hypothetical example:

Let’s say you have a persistent earache and it’s making it hard to function during the day.

What do you do?

The average person would go to the doctor to find a solution. Once there, the doctor would ask you some questions, take a good look at you, and use their good j Read More
A few weeks ago I had a frustrating experience.

All of a sudden (without warning) we noticed we had no hot water. So I checked the stove to see if we had gas, and yes that was working. Which meant it had to be something to do with the hot water gas unit outside.

Our hot water gas unit is pret Read More
Here’s something to think about?

What would you think is the most important part of creating a successful blockbuster movie in Hollywood?

Getting the hottest actors?

Writing a fantastic script?

Using special effects?
Read More
Subscriber Tom writes in to ask:

What’s the easiest way to make my emails more interesting and improve readership? I get the feeling a lot of my subscribers get bored reading them.

It’s a common problem too. A lot of the emails I read are as dull as country music. Read More
Let’s talk about convincing people to believe you.

The best strategy to achieve this is to use a method created by the legendary direct mail copywriter, Eugene Schwartz.

Schwartz is widely renowned as one of the best copywriters of all time. Read More
I’ve got a question for you today?

What’s the one thing every online business needs to quickly build a large targeted list?

The answer is a lead magnet that works. Read More
Let’s rap about Donald Trump today…

Whilst I’m not American and can’t vote him, I have to admit I admire the man. A lot of people say he inherited his wealth… but that is nonsense. Trump was broke in the early nineties and lost everything. Read More
Ever wondered what dating and business have in common?

Well, truth is there are many parallels between the two. But what stands out most to me is the futility of chasing people to become customers (or a boyfriend/girlfriend). This is especially true when you’re continually begging people to give Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!