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Do you feel like it's too hard to promote your blog on social media?

Are you still searching for proven, effective strategies to drive blog traffic through Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus?

Use these 10 smart ways to promote your blog on social media to cut through your anxiety so you can dri Read More
Find out which platforms made our roundup of the 10 best accounting software solutions for budget-conscious small business owners and freelancers. Read More
It’s an age-old management dilemma, but we can all learn from the way other people handle such situations. Here’s the story of a real team “problem child” and the troubles “Tracy” caused her manager. You get the opportunity to decide what you would do if you were the project manager. Then you can c Read More
When you are your business, you may feel like your time is no longer your own. It can sometimes take a super human effort to pull yourself away from all the digital distractions clamoring for your attention.

Since a day will never be more than 24 hour, how do you reclaim your time and attention? Read More
Every entrepreneur I know has their favorite excuse for a previous failure – an investor backed out, the economy took a downturn, or a supplier delivered bad quality. These things outside your control do happen, but based on my years of experience as a startup advisor and angel investor, I still se Read More

The true reason why "stupid" startups raise a lot of money

The true reason why \"stupid\" startups raise a lot of money  - Avatar Posted by MashaKaran under Startups
From 2501 days ago
Made Hot by: MarketWiz on April 5, 2016 9:43 am
Have you noticed all the startups raising massive sums of money recently?

Perhaps you’ve scratched your head wondering how a company like Buzzfeed, known for its website full of animated gifs, listicles and quizzes, raised $200 million dollars, valuing the company at a reported $1.5 billion. Sna Read More
Not the biggest fan of PowerPoint? Whether you're looking to break out of those boring static slides, or you just don’t want to shell out money for Microsoft’s Office Suite, there are plenty of web-based alternatives to PowerPoint to choose from to help you build exciting, dynamic presentations. Read More
If you’re thinking about extending equity to an employee or a vendor (as in the example above), you should know that the topic is multi-faceted. Is it the right move for your company? Read More

Popular Now: Native Content Networks

Popular Now: Native Content Networks - Avatar Posted by amabaie under Advertising
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Made Hot by: justretweet on December 4, 2015 1:32 am
It is looking more and more like major online businesses need to be considering native content delivery as part of their business plan. This will take content marketing to a new level. Those of us, and that includes me, who equate content marketing with writing will have to adapt and see that there Read More
Do you want to show appreciation for your top clients this holiday season, but don’t know what to get? If so, then you’re in luck. In this post, I’ll share with you some great gifts you can send to your clients this holiday season. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!