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Dealing with sexist and rude comments at work is something most professional women deal with. You would think this only exists at work, but according to researchers sexism exists almost everywhere… even on the streets. In short, women aren’t safe anywhere and could be prone to something harsh at an Read More
All of us are known well that working long hours directly correlates to stress, unease, and heart disease. However still, we persist to grant our jobs to a greater extent of our time. Working for longer hours really doesn’t add to higher productivity. In fact, steadily working more than 40 hours a Read More
Self confidence is the blend of self- worth and self- respect which is an indispensable part of humanity. Self-worth is the inner sense or faith that we can achieve a range of tasks or aims all through life. Read More
Any kind of rejection can be highly painful. Whether its loss or love or a job or a good friend, rejection feels horrible and can get really difficult to deal with. After all, nobody likes being turned down. It is natural to feel bad but that doesn’t mean your life has come to an end. By maintainin Read More
Potluck means the arrangement of the food and delicacies for the office staff where staff members contribute any one dish.

Potlucks are a type of small event where all employees gets together to eat and share their views on any of the main topics related to the office work and so on. Read More
As a Recruiter, what part of Recruitment process takes most of your time every day ?


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As we turn young adults we discover the perfect style of clothing that suits us.

We become highly knowledgeable on how to dress for particular occasions. A person’s success begins the moment someone looks at them and their appearance. Read More
You might be having a novel idea in your mind, for the new project, perhaps a marketing initiative you have discovered to help reach your company to a new audience, a rebuilt tag line for an identified product, or a new method to effectively manage the team’s records. Read More
Final Round is definitely different from other rounds and so prior preparation and knowledge is required.

To grab the job offer you must stand out from the rest in the final round of interview. Here are a few tips which can be useful for candidates in the final round of interview.
crack final r Read More
As an employer you must be tired of listening to various excuses that employees come with especially when there is a new project, report to be submitted or when a work’s due is nearing. In situations like these you are left confused as to whether sympathize or somehow get the work done. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!