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Defining your competitive set is a major and critical decision that you need to make about your business.
It will drive everything that you and your people do and focus on, sometimes without realizing it. It will be critical on determining what your business will become. What you decide may even t Read More
When attracting new users to your product or service, you need to ensure you are targeting the prospects that will form the 20% that will generate 80% of your profits. You need to ensure you avoid the 2 most common errors and temptations that most companies make when trying to attract new users. Read More
Unilever owned irreverent male body spray Lynx (known as Axe in many markets) taking advantage of the well publicised activities of Prince Harry in Las Vegas. As story of what happened and the naked images taken of him in his hotel room partying playing strip billiards with a group of ladies was ap Read More
Success is All About Repeat. Not Trial. Too many marketers spend too much time focusing on getting “Trial” for their products , and not enough on ensuring they get “repeat” business. Read More
Use of London 2012 Olympics Athletes as Brand Influencers and Advocates by Dr. Dre Headphones. Learning of competing. Read More
Access to the Internet is moving more and more mobile everyday. Not a surprise when most people have their mobile phone within an arm reach 24 hours of the day. changing the nature of what people doing, what they need and how they access the Internet for information, shopping, entertainment and int Read More
Why is using Olympian Athletes like Kelly Holmes (Kelloggs), Tom Daley (Nestle) and Chris Hoy (Gillette) in Ads Risky? Advantages, Disadvantages and how to make it work Read More
London 2012 Olympics Official Sponsor and Partner TV ads adverts. Analysis and review. McDonalds. BP. TSB Lloyds. Samsung. Visa. BT Infinity. Omega. P&G. National Lottery. British Airways. EDF. UPS. Do you agree with my assessment? Read More
3 questions that had the owners of Stagecoaches asked themselves they may have survived as robust and booming businesses. How you answer them will determine if your business lasts the test of time. Read More
Every brand needs a core "Big Idea". But so few still have them.
When it comes to developing creating communication, I am a believer in the need to focus first and foremost on finding and agreeing the BIG IDEA. Then, and only then, should you worry about the execution. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!