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The Internet and social media makes is possible to shatter a very good brand with the speed of light. In seconds, thousands people can know when one of your customers is unhappy! What can you do to monitor and protect your brand? Read More
The legal structure that you choose for your new company (NewCo) has important consequences in terms of liability protection, double taxation, funding as well as other things. This article is a primer on the subject. Read More
What percentage of American businesses are classified as “Small Business”? You may be amazed! What percentage of innovations are patented by Small Business. Truly America runs on small business. What have we done for small business lately? Read More
Although Facebook is generally more oriented to communications between people who already know each other, with .4 billion users, it can be an effective tool for marketing. One way to maximize online visibility is by making connections between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In other words, network your networks. Read More
rule of thumbMost small business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed with duties ranging from janitor to Chief Executive Officer. With so many duties to perform, small business owners do not have the time to study reams of financial reports in order to effectively manage their business. What I have learned through the years is that I can manage a lot more efficiently and effectiv Read More
It is critical that small business owners and managers know the difference between brand and branding. Each are important but different. This article makes the differences quite clear. Read More
Generational cohorts prove helpful in understanding overall trends, attitudes and behaviors of a group. Managing or marketing to a group becomes more effective by using this knowledge to tailor your message and determine the method of delivery. Read More
Unfortunately, many small business owners give little attention to one of the most critical elements of marketing their business, their products or themselves. This article is a primer on branding that every small business owner should know well and think about each working day! Read More
Chris Brogan stresses that to make the best use of social media, businesses and individuals must be helpful to those with whom they interact. That means they must listen, connect, and then publish. We will address each of these key topics individually. Read More
The Small Business Administration (SBA), Office of Advocacy, just reported that the U.S. economy rebounded in the fourth quarter, with real GDP growing by an annualized 5.7 percent. Meanwhile, unemployment remained high, and small business owners and the public were cautiously optimistic. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!