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Effective communication is an absolute requirement for successfully starting a business, but it doesn’t come naturally to many entrepreneurs. Communication is considered a social skill, and inventors and engineers, for example, aren’t known to be social butterflies. Read More
This is another awesome interview on MegBizFlakes. Our interviewee is Alex from TheEntrepreneursBlog. He’s a great guy and when it comes to investing and entrepreneurship, he’s a guy I can vouch for because he really knows what he’s doing.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or entrepreneur who Read More
There is nothing wrong with having a backup plan in any situation. But what happens when we become so unsure of ourselves that we Read More

Five Bucks To Success! - The Pipeline

Five Bucks To Success! - The Pipeline   - Avatar Posted by SellBetter under Sales
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You know the price of success is not that high, especially sales success. On the week of May 9th - 13th, you can take in the 2011 Sales & Marketing Success Conference, the largest on-line conference of it sort, all for the cost is $5, price of a cup of coffee; heck at that price you can have both, Read More
If by any chance you are associated with the webhosting industry or else if you are a regular internet use then you should have read this word “PHP” for hundreds of times. You might have known what importance PHP has in the hosting, web designing and over all World Wide Web. Read More
Here are some of the best features of Google apps and how they can be connected with your business, both internal to Google and from their external Marketplace. Read More
One of the greatest decisions I’ve made regarding my blog is to start a Facebook Group to get more exposure and traffic to my blog. From my experience I found that Facebook group is better than Pages to get traffic even if your site is brand new one. Read More
The theory of the 4 Hour Work Week is one that those wishing to be successful entrepreneurs need to heed. On the surface, the notion of working only four hours a week seems nefariously close to a “get rich quick scheme.” Read More
One particular aspect of today's Royal Wedding has had a huge impact upon one specific small business industry as far away as the U.S.

Hint: Can you say "fruitcake?"

If you have a bakery business, this may have affected you. How can national and even international trends be used in marketing Read More
Again - there are more questions asked in webmaster forums whether directory submissions work and worth doing. Here is my view on directory submissions. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!