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The incident involving Billie Joe Armstrong and Southwest Airlines indicates how social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have made news a participatory experience. Unlike earlier, when brands and marketers had ample time to resolve a crisis situation, the real-time nature of social media c... Read More
These famous Indian women social entrepreneurs have successfully challenged the status quo and the myths about social entrepreneurship in a heart-centered way. Read More

Small Business Taxes: Deducting Business Travel

Small Business Taxes: Deducting Business Travel - Avatar Posted by MMarquit under Taxes
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When you have a home business, and you are traveling for your business, you can deduct some items on your tax return. Here are some of the expenses that you can deduct if you are traveling on behalf of your business. Read More
Looking for a creative business idea to make some more money? Here is a list of 4 unique and creative business ideas that may work for you. Read More
I need freelance writers’ services for many different projects all the time. No month passes when I don’t find myself on the lookout for new freelance writers (both, In-house writers or the freelancers). I’ve gone through the interviews and recruitment of literally hundreds of writers. Read More
Learning a new skill is a cycle. It requires you to put in time and effort to master it. Once you master it, it becomes a habit where you will just do it naturally! Find out the crucial steps to achieve what you want in life Read More
Studies show that start-up ventures that graduate from an incubation program have a success rate of 87 percent, compared to 44 percent for all other firms. Read More
While your content may be sound and useful, you may be boring your audience to tears. If you're failing to see click throughs on your links then maybe you should take a look at exactly what you're sharing. Read More
Find out why satisfaction surveys are becoming every day more important, the two different types that exist, and the benefits offered by new on-line technology that makes customer, client and user satisfaction survey affordable even to small organizations. Read More
Most of the industry agrees that except for a few corner cases, your website doesn’t need Flash. It is heavy, slows down load times, makes the pages harder for crawlers to index, and can be distracting for users if not done exactly right. However, there is a time and a place for Flash, so it is imp Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!