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One of the first places business owners look to cut costs is in their budget for meetings, conferences and events. Do you need to cut your meeting budget? Here are a few great ways to save. Read More
Many industrial companies across the country, in all different types of industry, are actually seeing growth. A sign of economic recovery? Read More
In previous articles, I have occasionally mentioned “red flags” which every potential investor unconsciously listens for. Other writers, like Guy Kawasaki, have irreverently called some of these “entrepreneur lies,” but I prefer to think of them as innocent over-enthusiasm or over-confidence that c Read More
Feeling burned out on social media? You’re not alone. While social media is a great tool for small business owners, the sheer volume of social media options and the time required to stay on top of your social media accounts can make even the most energetic entrepreneur want to say “Uncle.”
Read More
Promoting a startup business can be done in a variety of ways. Not all of these are internet based, though the internet is an important tool in getting the word out to large numbers of people quickly. The following are some avenues to consider regarding ways to promote a startup business Read More
Effective email marketing is all about building relationships. This simple trick will help you avoid breaking that relationship before it starts. Read More
The nature of a blog (be it business or personal) is inherently social. It is a place for you to express your opinions, share information, educate an audience, and build a brand. One of the most important features of a blog is the ability to connect with your target audience. This is done through b Read More
White hat SEO dictates that you take a blended approach to your link building. A diverse and consistent link building campaign demonstrates to the search engines your commitment to branding your site and building your online presence. It is important to make sure that your site isn’t flagged for tr Read More
If there are two words that could stop a writer dead in their tracks then this would be “writer’s block.” Even the most proficient and savvy word smith has experienced this at one time or another. Frustrating is an understatement when we’re groping for words and trying to meet our publisher’s deadl Read More

8 Bad Financial Habits You Should Drop

8 Bad Financial Habits You Should Drop - Avatar Posted by steeldawn under Finance
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Once you establish a good habit, it's a matter of routine. Imagine having routines in place that keep your finances on course. To get those good habits in place, you first must face the bad financial habits you have now. Face them, and then drop them like the hot potatoes they are. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!