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Trolling the web for crowdfunding tips could yield myriad results, many of which are overdone, inapplicable, or even down-right wrong. The following advice is a compilation of the best — these are the fundamental crowdfunding tips to keep in mind. To avoid redundancy, we’ve kept things brief and to Read More

Is Equity Crowdfunding a Low-Risk Investment?

Is Equity Crowdfunding a Low-Risk Investment? - Avatar Posted by sjekic under Raising Capital
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For start-ups and entrepreneurs, equity crowdfunding is an exciting new development. For small-time investors this feeling’s mutual. The crowd’s unique perspective may cast light on minor start-ups that traditional funders otherwise would have missed. So, in this sense, equity crowdfunding is a pot Read More
Crowdfunding may pressure investors through increased competition. VCs typically focus on certain industries, so the effects will be minimal as most relevant start-ups prefer funding from a VC over a crowdfunding site — at least for the time being. This is especially true for the big-idea projects Read More
Tespack is a renewable energy company specializing in outerwear. What they have done is combined renewable energy with outdoor equipment (specifically backpacks). Their gear provides easy access to solar power, ensuring you always have access to energy. Read More
Before launching a campaign, you must first identify your reasons for creating the project. Discovering this primary purpose will help you know where to look when it comes to choosing a crowdfunding platform. Read More
Crowdfunding has seen some impressive growth numbers in the last few years and has opened some doors not previously available to small business and individual project creators. Read More
Equity- and rewards-based crowdfunding have taken the spotlight, but this is not to say donation-based crowdfunding has ceased to be a viable solution for non-profits online. In fact, crowdfunding may actually boost a non-profit’s revenue options and expand its social reach. Read More
For the most of us “Smart homes” are something we can only dream of. Times are changing as smart-homes are now becoming more affordable to a wider range of interested consumers. Read More
It’s safe to say that the developments of 2013 will greatly impact the growth of crowdfunding. Research from Massolution estimates that the value of crowdfunding has already doubled since 2012, totalling nearly $5.1-billion. Read More
The Swiss startup company, Amphiro, just announced its Indiegogo campaign about two brand new versions of their first product amphiro a1. The company is established in the Green Tech industry and engages private households to reduce their heat energy consumption. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!