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Forget the pitch just a moment, and let’s focus on another aspect of content marketing—campaign storytelling. Particularly for rewards- and donation-based crowdfunding, campaign storytelling adds another dimension to projects: it tugs on people’s emotions, in turn converting them into advocates and Read More
Real estate crowdfunding investments take one of two forms: commercial or residential. The former involves property development—condos, offices, complexes and so on—while the latter deals with personal acquisitions through crowd-lent mortgages and loans. Combined, both investment types have pushed Read More
Since its inception, governments around the world have worked diligently to regulate the crowdfunding industry. Today, many countries now encourage startups to participate in the sector through equity crowdfunding incentives—tax breaks available to resident investors and entrepreneurs. In the UK pa Read More
Inherently, crowdfunding campaigns come with a level of risk and responsibility. For rewards and donation crowdfunding, the responsibility falls on the project manager’s shoulders to deliver on promises. For equity crowdfunding, investors expect smart business decisions that foster growth and profi Read More
This past August, London won the title “Capital of Crowdfunding.” This recognition followed the notorious 10% Rule and Appropriateness Test, two regulatory developments that instigated debate worldwide. With the next general election now nine months away, the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec Read More
The chance of failure should not deter businesses from crowdfunding, but rather inspire them to plan thoroughly enough as to trudge through the worst scenarios. We know that not all campaigns succeed and that lack of foresight is a reason why, so project creators need sound marketing more than ever Read More
Advisory services maintain standards of excellence among startups. In effect, they add to a portal’s authority, reputation and value. From legal aid to business development, projects need not worry about the technical nature of crowdfunding, but rather on the business itself. At truCrowd, project c Read More
Many debt crowdfunding portals consistently churn out loans yielding returns of 10% or more. To an amateur, not only is debt crowdfunding easier to understand than its equity equivalent, but these advertised returns are very attractive. The questions remains, then, can investors realistically expec Read More
With or without a prototype, crowdfunding product analysis enables innovators to critique their own designs and refine, improve or alter their offerings before pitching or collecting donations. Product analysis, however, depends entirely on circumstance and may change project-to-project. With that Read More
After hooking investors with an irresistible pitch, you need to build genuine relationships to procure funds. After the fact, these equity crowdfunding investor relations must continue; otherwise, you may face unnecessary professional challenges and legal obstacles. If you did not do so during the Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!