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The adjective you often hear with “shareholder” is “disgruntled”. That is because they don’t feel like they are part of the ride. Shareholder communication is seen by most companies as an obligation rather than an opportunity. They grudgingly provide prescribed information that does nothing to exci Read More

How to Compile a Crowdfunding Mailing List

How to Compile a Crowdfunding Mailing List - Avatar Posted by sjekic under Raising Capital
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A common piece of advice marketers give to campaigns is to assemble a crowdfunding mailing list. Doing so opens communication between projector creators and their backers, making it easy to inform said supporters of the campaign’s progress and developments. Gathering hundreds of email addresses, ho Read More
What if I told you that debt crowdfunding, also known as debt crowdlending, will grow to be bigger than any of the other models? There are some fundamental reasons why. Read More
Many think of crowdfunding as a solo activity – a single visionary launches a campaign – but Indiegogo reports team-based projects raise 94% more funds. Already, equity startups know the power of a strong crowdfunding team, so why not introduce this tactic to rewards- and donation-based crowdfundin Read More
For learning purposes, I find negative examples to always be particularly powerful. This is why I find the final chapter titled “Caveat! Campaign Cripplers” a fitting way to end the book: after having learned the right way to do things, the reader gets to reflect what they’ve learned on the common Read More
Just because an entrepreneur can create an equity listing, does not mean that he or she should. In fact, many equity crowdfunding projects are not yet ripe enough for the responsibilities that ensue a funding round. Read More
There are a variety of extremely well ran businesses that will never make it to an Initial Public Offering. A small fraction of ownership in these lifestyle businesses will rarely ever turn into a multi-million dollar investment, and thus would not make sense as an equity investment. At the same ti Read More
Startups in need of capital commonly depart with 10% to 30% equity. Sundry factors determine where in this range a startup falls, but the minority-majority dynamic almost always comes into play. For royalty crowdfunding, however, ownership is not much of a concern. Instead, projects calculate their Read More
Market forecasters see crowdfunding as an industry in its infancy. Despite drastic growth over the past few years, it still holds massive potential. As long as someone needs capital, crowdfunding will prosper. It combines the creative, the professional, and the social, and does so in an accessible Read More
Wrapping up 2012, five hundred and thirty-six active portals existed worldwide, a number that has since skyrocketed due to an enormous amount of media attention and a Western push towards equity crowdfunding. Compared to 2004, for instance, crowdfunding-related headlines appear 9,990% more often to Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!