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There are quite a few common accounting mistakes that most of small business owners usually make. What are these mistakes, and how to avoid making them? This blog post explains what you should do in order to predict the potential problems when tax season comes. Read More
This week was tough: watching the last round of debates between the presidential candidates, finishing Halloween costumes and working at the same time. So if you missed some important news from the world of small businesses and freelancers, this list will update you with the most important ones. Read More
If you own a small business in Canada, you will need these business directories to get the word out in order to make your business successful. So check out this list of Canadian business directories and make sure your business is listed at most of them! Read More
It is not a secret that many startups fail: some statistics even say that only 1 startup out of 10 has a chance to succeed. What leads to such upsetting numbers? Here are 4 main reasons why small businesses and startups usually fail - learn from these mistakes. Read More
Many of us don't track expenses, especially when it comes to personal expenses. And it makes us being weak in many ways: living from paycheck-to-paycheck or being absolutely not ready for unexpected expenses. Here is the list of reasons why you should start tracking your expenses. Read More
Autumn is getting more and more colder, but it is not a reason to stay home under the blankets - the world is keeping forward, as usual. Here is our traditional roundup of the most important news from the small business and freelance world - check it out! Read More
Halloween is the perfect opportunity to promote your small business! If you are looking for ideas how to do it, here is a list of 13 awesome Halloween ideas for your small business: from giving away candies along with your business card to building a team with other local businesses. Read More
Every small business owner needs to have such a smartphone that can suits all the needs: working with documentations, using camera, etc. So it is quite obvious that everyone would like to choose the right smartphone from the very beginning. How to choose it - in this guide. Read More
Halloween is coming! Why not to use this holiday to highlight your creativity and bring some fun to your clients by sending them scary invoices? Dowload these free Halloween invoice templates and surprise your customers! Boo! Read More
How to get everything out of social media to promote your small business, and to turn your followers into real customers? This free ebook has all the answers to the questions connected to social media presence of small businesses. Download it absolutely for free! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!