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If you are a designer or a creative small business owner or freelancer, you will definitely find these Photoshop invoice templates very helpful to impress your clients. InvoiceBerry releases a new series of highly customisable Photoshop invoice templates - get them absolutely for free! Read More
As every single Friday, here is the roundup of the most essential news of the past week that every small business owner and freelancer should know. Why many US small businesses are ready to vote for Trump, why many parents in the US tend to leave well-paid jobs for freelance, etc. - in this post! Read More
Having a professional camera isn't enough to become a professional photographer. One of the main requirements of becoming one is to earn on selling the pictures. That's why this free e-book The Freelancer's Guide to Photography can be very helpful for turning your passion into your profession. Read More
Singapore's startup scene is one of the most fast-growing and developing in the world. Every year it attracts lots of creative ideas for startups from various categories: e-commerce, technology, logistics, and many others. Have a look at these 11 new and trendy Singapore startup to get inspiration! Read More
Every business owner would like to get paid as fast as possible after providing the services or delivering the products that were agreed with the client. Here are 11 tips that will be very helpful for you when dealing with invoices. Read More
The first weekend of autumn has just passed, and it is the best time to get ready for cold rainy days. However, the business world doesn't get influenced by the weather, that's why you should stay updated with all the news of the past week important for your business. Read More
Freelance photography becomes more and more popular: it is set to increase by 15% over the next two years. If you have a lot of passion to taking pictures, you should consider to turn it into a business. This free e-book The Freelancer’s Guide to Photography will help you to start and succeed. Read More
VoIP services are really helpful for small business in terms of saving money and having more options than traditional telephone service provides. Especially when it comes to regular international calls. Check this list of top 11 VoIP providers for those businesses that are located in the UK. Read More
Every business owner would like to have a successful business. To make sure your business isn't leading to fail, you should know and track the finances of your company. Learn about these 5 essential financial numbers: cash flow, net income, profit and loss, sales and gross margin. Read More
It seems to be extremely complicated to make your business noticed in such a flow of information. Business directories are very helpful to promote your own business: all you need is to know these websites and to list your business at them. Here is a list of South African business directories. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!