Top 3 Ways to Add Audio to Facebook Page

Top 3 Ways to Add Audio to Facebook Page  - Avatar Posted by morganb under Social Media
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We discuss the top three ways that you can use audio to increase your personable appearance on your Facebook page!


Written by Patricia Worth
3308 days ago

Hello Morgan. I was looking for a solution for this... I used to be able to just throw in the URL of the audio but found recently that it doesn't work too well anymore. Now, I can spruce up all my and my customers Fb pages and add this as a feature to services to add value to it.

Written by sowerby
3313 days ago

I was thinking of creating a new facebook fan page for my DJ profile. How would you stand for adding audio of mixes. As this would be a variety of music from various artists.

What would be the copyright rules. Or would you have to list the artist that were included in the mix?

Written by techbusiness
3313 days ago

No doubt audio can enhance a Facebook page. However, the exception is with audio that just automatically plays when you land on the page. I am a professional voice artist and podcaster, so I can certainly appreciate the concept of adding the dimension of audio to enhance a page. However, like any other enhancement or effect, it needs to be added with prudence.

Placing an audio player or file on a page is fine. Setting it up to automatically play when you land on it is not usually a good idea. This is a huge turn-off for some folks (including me) and can actually drive some visitors away from the page. Personally, when I land on a site or page that suddenly, without warning, starts to blare a voice, sound effect or music from the speakers, I instantly, instinctively, hit the back button. I don't like to be surprised or startled when I land on a page and on occasion such an event has even scared my kids.

Visitors generally don't expect it and it can be somewhat intrusive. Most people want to control what, when and how they want to view or hear something and it is really best practice to allow them to maintain control over their surfing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with embedding audio files in your Facebook page (provided you have rights to the audio, of course) but I highly discourage auto play. Let your visitors decide how, if and when they want to hear it and they will enjoy the experience a lot more.

Written by BizRock
3313 days ago

Very nice trick's how to add audio on Facebook page. Sometime audio message is of vital importance for better introduction to potential costumers or clients.

Thanks for article!

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