Learn important insights into the different options and approaches to raising capital for your business. When raising capital it is critical to understand how investors view your business as well as the different types of investors, and what each investor type is looking for. Then you can prepare properly and not only improve your probability of r Read More
One industry gets consistently hit in an economic downturn. This being the advertising industry. Except in this downturn, newspapers which were already weak, are being decimated. This includes the likes of the Tribune Cos, the Chicago Sun Times and numerous others. The reason behind their demise is twofold. Read More
Web activity tracking is a great indicator of what needs to be added to the website, what needs to be changed, what needs to be provided to make the website as much a part of the lead nurturing process as the software application being used. After all till all the elements work in synch, adjustments need to be made to reach that goal of generating Read More
With Spring in the air, the financial markets seem in a frisky mood, there is a small bounce in British property prices. The banking system is no longer in danger of immanent collapse. President Obama says there are signs of hope in the economy... Read More
A tongue in cheek post on sales qualification from the view point of a starship captain. How does one navigate new situations and act upon data that comes in about new opportunities...by qualifying the situation continuously. Read More
Latest research from the Ethisphere Institute shows ethical companies outperform their “less ethical” counterparts. Here's 2009's most ethical companies in the world. Read More
Qualifying your customers effectively will lead to sales growth. Read More
Blog post discussing the nuances of a sales relationship and steps that can be taken to make your next visit one your prospect is looking forward to. Read More
O'Connell Marketing Recruitment surveyed 801 job seekers across Europe. Individuals reported on their experiences in the marketplace while facing the current economic crisis. Findings showed where budgetary and staffing cuts were being made, affects on salary, and when job seekers predict the current market will improve. Read More
A common perception that our sales team comes across while talking to marketing managers at relatively smaller companies is “we are too small for marketing automation technology or implementing a lead nurturing program”. It's not always easy to break that perception even though a solution like Nurture is just as ideally suited to a small business Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!